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“I Jazz Wanna Be With You” – debut album

Eagerly awaited by the fans throughout the whole world, “I Jazz Wanna Be With You” is a product born from passion, team-work and the desire to create something special. Their unmistakable style, which is hard to set between the barriers of a single genre, places Cuantune among the few bands with a unique and captivating sound that harmoniously interfuses jazz, funk, soul, electro, hip hop, IDM and chillout elements.

Available for download on iTunes

The album is titled “I Jazz Wanna Be with You”, the tracks featured on it being similar to an array of stories that describe the relationship between two young lovers and the stages it goes through. The collaboration with both Romanian and foreign artists gives the whole ensemble a touch of authenticity, materialized in an album that immortalizes the moods, feelings and knowledge of the contributing artists.

Cuantune prove their diversity not only with the uniqueness of the sounds on the vinyl, but also though their live performances alongside industry-established names such as Nouvelle Vague, Club Des Belugas and Jamie Woon, giving the music-loving audience creativity and originality filled shows.

The album was released exclusively on the internet and it can be downloaded from the “Store” section of the website or from iTunes Apple Store, here.