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“My Favorite” (Lyric video)

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Cuantune releases NEW single – „My favorite”

“My favorite” is distinguished by the band’s specific sound, a fusion of classic sound blended harmoniously with modern beats, which gives the whole ensemble a touch of authenticity. The song was composed by Elizabeth and it was produced by the other half of the band, Mario Cruxfader. The collaboration with Alexandru Olteanu – piano, Aron Andreas – electric bass and Harvis Cuni Padron – trumpet brings back the edgy combination of jazz, soul and dance close to quality music loving public.

“I Jazz Wanna Be with You” is the debut album of the band. Recently released, it manages to incorporate every feature Cuantune style outlined in its 3 years of existence, the unique and captivating sound which integrates different elements of Jazz, Funk, Soul, electro, Hip-Hop, IDM and Chillout music. The tracks featured on it are similar to an array of stories that describe the relationship between two young lovers and the stages it goes through. The collaboration with both Romanian and foreign artists gives the whole ensemble a touch of authenticity, materialized in an album that immortalizes the moods, feelings and knowledge of the contributing artists.

The album was released exclusively on the internet and it can be downloaded from the “Store” section of the website or from iTunes Apple, here.