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Cuantune – “Dreamer”

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Cuantune releases “Dreamer”
– the song that marks the beginnings of the band –

This spring, Cuantune released their debut album, titled “I Jazz Wanna Be with You”. The tracks featured on it are similar to an array of stories that describe the relationship between two young lovers and the stages it goes through. The collaboration with both Romanian and foreign artists gives the whole ensemble a touch of authenticity, materialized in an album that immortalizes the moods, feelings and knowledge of the contributing artists. Now, it’s time to find out what was the actual spark that started it all. A song played on an out of tune piano at a party, many years ago…

Composed by Elizabeth in her youth, “Dreamer” is the first song that she sang to Mario the day they’ve met. And now, in the light of “I Wanna Be With You Jazz” album we present the first lines of a portable outlined before the first beat to be spun on vinyl. A song composed with certainty that the strongest feelings are actually the simplest.

The band shot a video for their latest single (made by SeeTrue Arts):

The album was released exclusively on the internet and can be downloaded from the “Store” section of the website or from iTunes Apple Store, here.

More information about Cuantune can be found at the following official addresses: