“Jazz Dance”

We thought three times before making the next step. We took many old scores in hand, we listened to what classics had to say: from Peterson all the way to Cole. We’ve played many heavy hip-hop beats and we remembered that being old school means to be simple and honest, not dusty or outdated. And in this process we fell in love with swing again.

Yes, it is time to release a new album. The material is a back to basics with a twist. To be completely honest, we haven’t compose it with a certain style in mind, we’ve went from four to the floor to swing in a completely organic way. We went on instinct and intuition more than anything. The man behind the songs, Mario Cruxfader, adjusted a lot of buttons and went through a lot of EQ’s to finally get the sound he sought, giving Elizabeth the freedom she needed to put her distinctive vocal print on – that CUANTUNE sound you love. A fresh sound of electro swing, which would’ve been made in the 40’s if turntables, sampling and multi-track recording had been around. See for yourself!

“I Jazz Wanna Be With You”

Eagerly awaited by the fans throughout the whole world, “I Jazz Wanna Be With You” is a product born from passion, team-work and the desire to create something special. Their unmistakable style, which is hard to set between the barriers of a single genre, places Cuantune among the few bands with a unique and captivating sound that harmoniously interfuses jazz, funk, soul, electro, hip hop, IDM and chillout elements.
The album is titled “I Jazz Wanna Be with You”, the tracks featured on it being similar to an array of stories that describe the relationship between two young lovers and the stages it goes through. The collaboration with both Romanian and foreign artists gives the whole ensemble a touch of authenticity, materialized in an album that immortalizes the moods, feelings and knowledge of the contributing artists.
Cuantune prove their diversity not only with the uniqueness of the sounds on the vinyl, but also though their live performances alongside industry-established names such as Nouvelle Vague, Club Des Belugas, Jamie Woon or Waldeck, giving the music-loving audience creativity and originality filled shows.